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Market Consult has been founded in 1983 in Frankfurt/Germany to develop software for Personal Computers. The philosophy behind our activities is, that we do not want to carry out by a program only what has been done before manually, however to have a look on the overall requirements and try to work out a program in close cooperation with our customer, which meets the requirements and in addition to that, performs better, faster, more intelligent and more reliable as it was done before.


The sky line of Frankfurt/Germany

First of all we have been busy to work with Standard-Software-Packages. We found out very soon, that theyhad a lot of functionality we could not use. On the other side we missed a lot of functions, we really wanted to do the job better. So the decision was made very soon to develop our own standard functions from the scratch and to develop a modular structure for our own programs in order to use them in combination with special functions we have developed  individually to meet the requirements of our customers.
A recalculation and a fair analysis of cost shows very clear, that over a period of time individual program solutions will save money. In most cases big packages are to big and cost to much while a lot of their functionality cannot be used, but must be payed. In addition to that, very often the user has to be a kind of a programer clicking predone things together which run very slow afterwords. And if there are problems or questions, the hotline is not reachable or not able to help precisely enough. So phone us - we can help you to get the better solutions to a fair price!
Please find below a brief overview in what area of programming we have been active over the last years for customers in Germany, Italy, The Netherlands and Ireland:
  • Address-Management
  • Account-Management
  • Cash-Systems
  • Sales Automation Tools
  • Stock-Management
  • Project-Management 
  • Audio-Management
  • Warehouse-Systems